About Us

It all started in early February when my college friend living in Hong Kong asked if we could find masks to send them because there were none to be found there. I had heard about the pandemic in Asia but it all seemed distant until I received my friend's request for masks. At that time it was easy to order a few boxes online and send them off to Hong Kong. Everything was fine right here in the USA.

Fast forward to mid-March 2020 when we were told to #stayhome. We never thought it would come here or our lives would be like the lives of my friends in Hong Kong. Our entire country had changed in a matter of weeks. Many of us have not left our homes for weeks. Some of us are not eating restaurant food. We are watching the news seeing thousands of people die due to an unseen force.

With one brother-in-law practicing medicine in Pennsylvania and a sister-in-law treating patients as a Certified Hand Therapist in New Jersey the concern for people protecting each other is very near and dear to me which is why I started and made sure we had a "give back" component to the women and men on the front lines.

I am a 2nd generation global sourcing specialist. Using my family's long time contacts overseas, we have quickly arranged inventory of necessary masks at fair prices to help stop the spread. Now it is up to you to protect your family and your fellow human beings. My job now is to educate,  help, and #spreadlove

-Puneet Singh