CDC Director: Coronavirus can be stopped if we follow one rule

Director Robert Redfield was a co-author on a lengthy new scientific editorial explaining just how effective masks are, based on the most recent data. He also argues that if mask-wearing were a universal habit across the United States, this deadly crisis would be on its way toward a resolution within roughly eight weeks.

“Covering mouths and noses with filtering materials serves 2 purposes: personal protection against inhalation of harmful pathogens and particulates, and source control to prevent exposing others to infectious microbes that may be expelled during respiration,” the authors explain, before diving into the strange behavior of some US citizens.

“When asked to wear face coverings, many people think in terms of personal protection. But face coverings are also widely and routinely used as source control. For instance, if given the choice between having surgery performed by a team not wearing some covering over their mouths and noses vs a team that does, almost all patients would reject the former. This option seems absurd because it is known that use of face coverings under these circumstances reduces the risk of surgical site infection caused by microbes generated during the surgical team’s conversations or breathing. Face coverings do the same in blocking transmission of SARS-CoV-2.”

Harneet Pasricha  

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