5 Mistakes Not to Make While Wearing Face Masks

Mistake # 1 - Using a mask that's damaged

If your mask has a slight tear or one of the ear straps is loose it will not be effective. Use a new mask right away. It's not worth the risk. [Recommended: Disposable Face Masks]

Mistake # 2 - Wearing a mask under your nose

We see this one a lot. People are wearing a mask over their face but it's not covering their nose. We get it, people feel they can breathe better if their nose is not covered however for the mask to be effective it must cover your nose so it filters all the air you are breathing in and out.

Mistake # 3 - Removing your mask to speak to someone

Unless you are 6 feet a way you are at risk at spreading air droplets to the person you are speaking to and vice versa. The whole point of wearing the mask is to avoid this.

Mistake #4 - Using a mask that is difficult to breathe through

Homemade masks using the wrong fabric often have this issue. We recommend our easy to breathe filtered masks

Mistake # 5 - Sharing a Mask

This one is pretty much common sense. The point of wearing masks is to stop the spread of germs. 

Harneet Pasricha